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Re: hosts.deny vs iptables(THANK YOU)

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On Wed, 24 May 2006 12:29:01 -0700 "jdow" <jdow earthlink net> wrote:
> As was pointed out apache has its own built in version of hosts.deny
> etc. Firewalls are still a fine first layer of defense. If you do not
> care if people from say parts of China and Korea, for example, use your
> system you can block them at the firewall rather than wait until they
> are inside and tickling apache. If you ALSO place them on the Apache
> access denial list you have to remember this, hey - log your change
> activities - good practice anyway, but you get a second level of
> protection from locations that are troublesome. If you can find an
> elastic band level of security use it, too.
> (And unless it has changed since I last played with Apache you CAN
> run it as an xinetd toy. But it's not recommended for rather obvious
> reasons. {^_-})
> {^_^}

Thank you to all who replied!! That helped a lot!!

I did find a few netmask cals online that are what I am looking for.

Thank you again.

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