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Re: FC5: Apache issue? Or something else?

>> Post your Apache configuration details, particularly what it listens to.
>> And say how you're trying to connect to it?  (External network address,
>> local network IP, localhost address, by named or IP address, etc.)

Gilbert Sebenste:
> Listen xxx.xxx.xx.xx:80
> Where the "x"'s are the IP address of the machine. I double-checked; no 
> typos.

Okay, is this a public IP address, or an internal network address (e.g.
192.168.x.y, etc.)?  I'm presuming a public address, since you've
obscured it.  It'd need to be a static address, too, if you were
configuring Apache specifically for it.

I tended to find that trying to browse to a server on the same PC using
its public address didn't always work, particularly with fancy firewall
rules, or when you have modem/routers as part of your network.  Your
connection doesn't actually go out and back in again, and rules about
internal addresses being used to access public IPs, deny connections.

The simplest solution was to have the server listen to all interfaces on
port 80 (as Paul mentioned).  That's not always appropriate, so
configuring it to listen to more than one specific interface is another

e.g. Listen

     (With appropriate entries in your /etc/hosts file, and perhaps
      additional server name aliases for local access in the Apache
      configuration files if you're playing with virtual hosting.)

(That first IP is for www.example.com.  If you don't want to expose real
addresses, you can use the www.example.com name and IP addresses in

> ServerName www.machine.com:80
> I am bringing up Firefox on www.machine.com and doing a standard 
> http://www.machine.com in the browser window. No dice.

If you really did that domain, I'm not surprised.  If I do a "dig" on
machine.com I find someone owns it, though there's no answer for the
www.machine.com subdomain.  Stick to using the example.com domain if you
want to fake things for documenting settings.

Whatever domain name you use to access your server has to resolve to an
IP that applies to your webserver locally.  You can do that through your
hosts file, or a local DNS server.

(Currently running FC4, in case that's important to the thread)

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.
I read messages from the public lists.

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