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How is local mail delivery accomplished using postfix?

That is probably not stated completely correctly, but it is getting late 
and I'm getting frustrated.

By way of background, last week we had a tree in the front hit by 
lightning. While for the most part the computers were well protected by 
the upses, networking components died. Not nice, but a nice prod to update 
the local mail server software & hardware.

What I want to happen is to use postfix and spamassassin to que up the 
email to either accessed locally or by imap by the remote son or 
daughters. What I'm not finding out (google & RH docs etc) is how postfix 
hands off email for delivery to local spool, such that spamassassin can 
get it's paws on the message.

What I'm getting the feeling is that FC assumes the the email client will 
be evolution, and lets evolution contact spamassassin, which isn't quite 
what I had in mind.

My thanks to the list for their consideration and bandwidth.

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