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Re: DVD playing on Linux

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Karl Larsen wrote:
> Todd Zullinger wrote:
>>Just to be sure, don't you want to use totem-xine?  AFAICT, using
>>totem will install the stock totem player from core and not the one
>>built by livna.  Maybe for DVD's it doesn't matter, but to play files
>>using the win32 codecs I thought I needed to use the xine backend for
>>totem (or the gstreamer-pitfdll plugin, which I use on FC4 but haven't
>>tried yet in FC5).
>>I'd be happy to find I don't need totem-xine, as it crashes for me at
>>nearly every exit on FC5.
>    I agree with you. I got all that codex stuff and put it in 
> /usr/lib/win98/ and that was supposed to work.

Is that a typo?  The dir should be /usr/lib/win32.  I don't know that
you need those codecs to play encrypted DVD's, but I always have them
around to play other videos anyway.

> It doesn't on FC4

It does for me.  I've watched commercial DVD's on my laptop with FC4.
I haven't tried with FC5 yet as I haven't had any desire to yet.
Scratch that, I just did it and it works in FC5 as well.  I have
totem-xine installed from livna as well as libdvdcss, libdvdread, and

> I KNOW it's the stuff they put in the DVD to make it hard to copy
> that is causing the problem because I have a DVD that is a policical
> add MPlayer plays that just fine.

It's not really even there to make it hard to copy.  It's there to
make it easier for the movie studios to apply geographic restrictions
that should be going away in a networked world.  But the dinosaurs
never get that.  See the quotes from Jack Valenti on how the VCR would
be the end of the movie industry.

>    It seems that no-one knows how to get around this problem.

Many do and are working around it right now. :)

The proper solution would be to remove the legal restrictions that
lead to this situation.  Of course, laws and politicians are easily
bought by movie studios (among others) so solving this problem likely
won't happen anytime soon, unfortunately.  Until then, I simply ignore
laws that infringe upon my rights.  YMMV.

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