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Re: DVD playing on Linux

Todd Zullinger wrote:
>>>    I agree with you. I got all that codex stuff and put it in 
>>> /usr/lib/win98/ and that was supposed to work.
> Is that a typo?  The dir should be /usr/lib/win32.  I don't know that
> you need those codecs to play encrypted DVD's, but I always have them
> around to play other videos anyway.

The win32 codecs are not required in order to play a dvd. wind32 codecs
are required to play proprietary formats that have a native windows
library available.

clearvideo, atrac3, some quicktime, vss, and wmv etc...

>>> It doesn't on FC4
> It does for me.  I've watched commercial DVD's on my laptop with FC4.
> I haven't tried with FC5 yet as I haven't had any desire to yet.
> Scratch that, I just did it and it works in FC5 as well.  I have
> totem-xine installed from livna as well as libdvdcss, libdvdread, and

> libdvdnav.
>>> I KNOW it's the stuff they put in the DVD to make it hard to copy
>>> that is causing the problem because I have a DVD that is a policical
>>> add MPlayer plays that just fine.
> It's not really even there to make it hard to copy.  It's there to
> make it easier for the movie studios to apply geographic restrictions
> that should be going away in a networked world.  But the dinosaurs
> never get that.  See the quotes from Jack Valenti on how the VCR would
> be the end of the movie industry.
>>>    It seems that no-one knows how to get around this problem.
> Many do and are working around it right now. :)
> The proper solution would be to remove the legal restrictions that
> lead to this situation.  Of course, laws and politicians are easily
> bought by movie studios (among others) so solving this problem likely
> won't happen anytime soon, unfortunately.  Until then, I simply ignore
> laws that infringe upon my rights.  YMMV.

Joel Jaeggli (joelja uoregon edu)
GPG Key Fingerprint:
5C6E 0104 BAF0 40B0 5BD3 C38B F000 35AB B67F 56B2

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