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Re: Fedora Core 4 Upgrade hosed Postgresql

It is a test server. I normally use MYSQL and it was a test app that required Postgresql.. It is test data.. Quite alot actually but to answer your question.. No.. I blindly upgraded (have done so in the past with MYSQL) and now it is hose and I assume my test dat is as well...


On 5/25/06, Lonni J Friedman <netllama gmail com> wrote:
On 5/25/06, Bob Ambroso <bambroso gmail com> wrote:
> After I upgraded to Core 4 the Postgresql service does not start. I now know
> that major upgrades kill Postgrsql..
> My question is can I save the data I have in their now? I cannot do a
> pg_dump as the DB wont start.
> I do not have a current dump file to use..
> Anybody have ideas?

So you're saying that you've never backed up or dumped the DB?

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