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Re: Sending an email as an attachment from the command line

Steven J Lamb wrote:
This may be an off topic question but I don't know where I would post such a
I have a set of "quarantined" files all stored in gz files. And I want to
have an automated program release them under special circumstances. These
emails are essentially the full header and email before they are delivered
in plain text. I have used mutt in the following fashion.

Zcat qemail.gz > tmp.eml | mutt -a tmp.eml -s "test" recip domain com <
But this results obviously in sending a .eml file which works great on
outlook express but other email clients are confused. If I were to figure out the encodeing for Outlook it would make it a .msg
file. But this would confuse OE. I have found that Dbmail has the result
that I am looking for. If I have a bounced messange from dbmail it will
attach the original in its message, however the file type seems to morph
depending on what program looks at the message. My guess it this deals with
the MIME type, but I don't know either how to set this in a file or how to
determine what type is needed to make it an email.
Any thoughts, redirections, general suggestions are more than welcome.

Steven Lamb

Try 'metamail'. It sends attachments with a supplied mime type. I have an fc2 rpm which works with fc5 but I cannot remember where I got it from.
Google I suppose

John Whitley

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