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Re: ntpq no longer working -

Tim wrote:
 On Thu, 2006-05-25 at 11:57 -0400, Bob Goodwin wrote:

> DHCP    ON

 This probably means that your router also acts as a DHCP server for
 your LAN (depends on what *yours* means by "on"), and will dole out
 IPs to your LAN PCs.

> IP Subnet Mask
Yes, apparently so and yesterday my HP printer quit after I had done an update [excluding cups] and caused a bit of a panic. As it turned out the printer was now residing at instead of where cups expected to find it? After working for several weeks it changed? I set the HP set-up via the Firefox screen to fix it at again. My concern now is that has always been my daughter Ginette's MAC downstairs. I haven't checked to see what address it has now but fear that I may have created a mixed system which can result in a conflict? Or will the router's dhcp note the printer assignment and avoid reusing it? I may simply wait and see what happens unless someone knows that I've created a problem.

While on the subject of the hp6840 printer I have discovered that the only way to get the proper driver for it is to install it from KDE. It offers that model number in its list of drivers and whatever driver it actually installs works, installing from Cups/Admin [a generic HP Deskjet] prints stuff from the browser that goes off the bottom and right side of the page? It seems strange that KDE has a more complete set of drivers. I discovered that by chance since I have never used KDE, prefer XFCE and rarely use anything else.

Many thanks for your assistance, I will learn this eventually.

Bob Goodwin

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