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Does Fedora mess up the clock for Windows?

Hi all,

I have a dual boot system with FC5 and Windows XP. On FC5 I run ntpd with the default config files. The drift file varies widely, from -0.4 or so to as much as -60 or 100 or more. Generally the longer Fedora is up the smaller the number, though it's always negative.

But Windows is losing time hand over fist, maybe a couple minutes or more in a 3-hour Windows session. I use an old program (AtomTime95) to correct the Windows clock periodically but it doesn't do any permanent good.

I had the same kind of thing happen with Fedora 4. It went away when I installed Fedora 5 until I activated ntpd.

According to /var/log/messages Fedora has to set the clock back about a second or so every time I boot it, but nowhere near the gargantuan misalignment of Windows.

Does anybody have any idea how to make these two guys live happily together sharing the clock? Yes, Fedora does use local time - at least, that's the way I installed it..

Thanks much,

Lee Maschmeyer
<lee_maschmeyer wayne edu>

"Be kind to your fur-bearing friends,
For a skunk may be somebody's brother."
    --Fred Allen

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