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new to fedora core 5 software tips needed


I am new to FC5 and I have a couple of questions about what software you would recommend. I am looking for a good terminal emulation program, I use SecureCRT on windows and it stores profiles for each site I frequently go to it is very nice. It also stores password (which is handy), it has a tabbed interface and many different emulations are supported. What do you guys suggest that I use. I had been pointed at kshell but I can't find it so if you could give me a name and a website for your suggestions that would be great.

Secondly on windows I use desktop post it notes can you suggest anything that would be similar. I found "goats" but I couldn't get it to compile. So again, a name and website would be greatly appreciated.

I am also interested in a clipboard extender, something that will keep track of my previous things sent to the clipboard, on windows I used to use clipmate.

I know there is something else I am forgetting so I guess this is it for now.

Thanks in advance

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