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Re: Best YUM configuration?

On Fri, 2006-05-26 at 17:21 -0400, colson wrote:
> Hello!
>   I'm a new FC5 user, migrated from Mandriva after its implosion.  My 
> experience with package management comes mainly from their URPMI 
> system.  As such, I'm wondering -- what are the best YUM repositories to 
> use?  From what I've read so far, there are two main groups beyond the 
> default ones which are mutually exclusive.  You can either go with 
> livna/fedora.us, or you can go with the dag/freshrpms/dries/newrpms 
> group.  What are the relative merits of the two, and what would the list 
> recommend?

livna is an adjunct to the "fedora-extras" repo--it is not a replacement
for any repo.  dag has some stuff that livna doesn't have and it should
also be considered an adjunct.

The repos you NEED are fedora, fedora-updates and fedora-extras.  If you
WISH, you can add livna and dag.

> As a side question, I haven't been able to find a package for lilo in 
> any of the standard yum repositories, and it doesn't appear to be on the 
> system (it wasn't an option in the installer).  Does such a package 
> exist, and if so, where?

Not with FC5.  lilo has a lot of limitations that grub dispenses with.
FC4 and FC5 only offer grub as a boot loader.

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