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Re: Totem with Gstreamer backend doesn't play wmv

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Steven Pasternak wrote:
> Hi! I have the livna repo installed on my FC5 machine and all of the
> mp3, dvd, etc. stuff installed, but totem still won't play wmv
> files.  Kaffeine does, after I put the mplayer codecs in
> /usr/lib/win32, though.  I don't want to install totem-xine because
> it gets rid of rhythmbox (another mystery to me). Is there any way
> to get it to work? Even recompiling some part of gstreamer myself?
> Thanks!

You could do either.  The reason rhythmbox is marked for removal if
you remove totem is that it depends on libtotem-plparser.so.1.  But
totem-xine provides this as well.  What I've done on systems I wanted
to install totem-xine on is remove totem with rpm using the --nodeps
option.  Then I install totem-xine.

Alternatively, you can build the gstreamer-pitfdll plugin[1] and then
totem built against gstreamer can use the win32 codecs.  I have one
FC4 system that uses freshrpms[2] and uses this and another using
livna and totem-xine.  I've been meaning to build gstreamer-pitfdll on
this FC5 system just for comparison on the same hardware but haven't
gotten around to it.

[1] http://ronald.bitfreak.net/pitfdll
[2] http://bordeaux.freshrpms.net/rpm.html?id=1154

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