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Re: Voice modem

Frank Cox wrote:
> I have an interesting little project here.  I want to monitor a phone line and
> answer the phone after X rings during business hours and immediately
> after-hours.  Read off the outgoing message, record the incoming message and
> then email the wav file (or whatever) to the final recipient.  Faxes might be
> nice too.
> I could do this with Asterisk, but it seems like massive overkill (and a
> helluva lot of setup) for such a simple job.
> After doing some googling around, it appears there are several ways that I
> could go about this.  Does anyone have any suggestions for the *best* aproach?
> Also, does anyone have any recommendations for which modem I should be
> purchasing for this purpose? 
Take a look at the vgetty package. It will do what you want. There
are also some front-ends for the vgetty packages make using it more
user friendly. Doing a search for vgetty at http://freshmeat.net
will get you a list of some of them.

As for modems, you may want to look at:


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