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Re: Problems with nvidia driver from Livna 8762

On 5/27/06, Dan <grinnz gmail com> wrote:
So you installed the proper versions of both kmod-nvidia and
xorg-x11-drv-nvidia ? These are the two RPMs that compose the nvidia driver.

Yes, that is correct; I don't think RPM would have it any other way.
I have installed both packages in the 8762 flavor and I still get an
error about version mismatches.

Hmm, I went searching through the Livna bugzilla and came across this bug:

I had not rebooted my machine at the point I was trying to use the new
drivers.  Installing the drivers now after a fresh boot, everything
works fine.  Can someone please explain this to me?  Why should I need
to reboot?  Could the old kernel module still be loaded after doing an
"init 3"?  I didn't think to check that.  I don't recall ever having
this kind of problem before when just using the nVidia shell script
installer.  And I believe I have changed driver versions without
rebooting before (with the nVidia script), though I am not certain of


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