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Re: Best Terminal Program

Op zo, 28-05-2006 te 20:21 -0500, schreef troy.its-is.uni.edu:
> Greetings
> I asked this question before but I think by the responses I got I wasn't 
> clear.  Is there a terminal program for FC5 (KDE) that has a "session 
> manager".  By session manager I mean something where I can store machine 
> name, account, (and passwords would be nice) combinations.  I would 
> ideally like something that has tabs for multiple sessions.  I 
> frequently have to connect to solaris machines, and our solaris admin 
> runs some other kind of ssh and I don't know how to make the fc5 ssh 
> keys work with that type of ssh.  (I can use ssh keys for my linux boxes 
> I connect to).  On the solaris boxes that I connect to there is a .ssh2 
> directory and I don't think it reads authorized_keys it uses something else.
> Thanks
> troy
putty might help you out.

if the linux version is like the windows version then it will probably
fill your needs.

Facts are stubborn things


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