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Re: High Speed Internet & FC5

LeBreton wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am French and I just arrived in California. I am using a FC5
> distrib on my computer and I would like to get a High Speed Internet
> connection like this proposed by AT&T with an External ADSL Ethernet
> Modem.
> But At&T claims that other distrib than Windows or Mac are not
> supported for their DSL connection. :-(
> Could I get some advices for the best solution for high speed
> internet with FC5?

Well, I'm an American, living in Taiwan...but I can still comment.  :-)

When folks like AT&T claim that they only support Windows and Mac what
they mean is that their support folks won't be able to help you if you
run into trouble.  Same holds true in Taiwan.  But, that doesn't mean it
won't work.

It has been a long time...but I had no problem to connect my Linux
system directly to the ADSL modem.  You may experience some issues, but
they are not so hard to resolve and folks here would be helpful.

The other painless option is to buy a DSL router that connects to your
ADSL modem and does all the work of authentication.  Some are also
wireless access points and all have ethernet hubs for connection sharing
 as well as providing a firewall....  D-Link makes a nice selection.


All men profess honesty as long as they can.  To believe all men honest
would be folly.  To believe none so is something worse.
		-- John Quincy Adams

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