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Re: High Speed Internet & FC5

if it's an ethernet device ALL operating systems are supported as long
as you get your network card running.
Only thing you need to check is that the router/modem can be configured
trough a web based interface or telnet/ssh.

basicaly you can pick up almost any elcheapo ethernet modem/router and
it will work

personaly i use a D-LINK modem/router they have web interface and are
not to expencive

Facts are stubborn things


I totally agree with the suggestion of getting a router.  I also use
D-Link at home, and we have a Linksys at the office (a small home or
home/office one, nothing fancy).  I run FC5 at home on my dual boot
system, and at the office on one of the PCs connected (actually run it
as a web server and have SSH set up on it as well using DynDNS free
service because of the dynamic IP with our ISP).

And likewise they say they only support Windows & Mac meaning their
help desk people only support those two operating systems.  But other
operating systems will work fine, just don't call them asking how to
configure your PPOE on it.  Some do support some routers now.

Bonne chance et amuses toi bien en Californie,

Jacques B.

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