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Re: New to linux

K Chauhan:
> I have just bought a second hand Linux box . It had Fedora 2.6.9-1.667
> on it.
> When I signed into it, it said that there were updates waiting to be
> loaded. I then proceeded to load the update to Fedora
> 2.6.12-1.1381_fc3
> Now I cannot get to the WEB or mail !!!, but if I went back to the
> previous version it all seems ok
> What do I need to do correct the latest update.?

Well, FC3 was end-of-lifed a while ago.  If you want to keep on using
it, you'd have to get your updates from the legacy repos.  I'm sure the
fedorafaq.org website must have something about how to do that.

> Is it better to install a complete version of Fedora 5 ( any
> recommendation ? ) ( i.e. the pc has got a DVD rewriter – I am not
> sure about conversion from ISO using cdwriter – any advice ? )

Since you said you're new to this, I'd try FC4 (as a clean install, not
trying to update FC3 to FC4).  It's been out long enough for many bugs
to have been resolved, and is still being kept up to date.

FC5 is new, has one or two quite painful bugs, and is probably best
tackled by someone familiar with installing Fedora against a few
hurdles, or doesn't mind a challenge straight away.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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