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Re: Mplayer works but...

Robin Laing wrote:

Mladen Adamovic wrote:

Stephen Mirowski wrote:

Xine has been my choice for DVDs for a few years. Then I add in Gxine for casual videos (also can be used a plugin for browser). Mplayer works best as a browser video plugin.

I also recommend Xine. I had problems with Mplayer on certain distros, but haven't any big problem with Xine so far. Mplayer sometimes don't work from repo, sometimes don't work from source, and sometimes it work but only from command line interface.

I only had problems with some codec's Xine does use - few times my computer freezed during playback. But I knew that does movies have codec's issue - the movies had coding bugs, lets say.

I also use xine and have found that there are some avi's/mpg's that mplayer won't play. I have also used vlc to play DVD's.

I just discovered Kaffiene.
For music, for DVD...it just rocks.


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