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Adaptec 1210SA problem (with installation)

I have a machine (p4 1,6GHz) with an adaptec 1210sa controller with 2x80Gb harddisk.

I configured the controller to make a hardware mirror raid, but when install FC5 it detect my primary IDE harddisk (/dev/hda) and the 2 harddisk in the 1210sa controller (sda and sdb).

I want to have a transparent mirror, not software mirror with this controller.

Under this problem, my workaround is install FC5 only under hda, and after "yum update" configure the controller.

I have on this many questions:
   1) Will work the 1210sa controller as a harddisk after the update?
2) I'll need some kernel parameters (or module parameters) to allow the device work as only one hard disk (with a working mirror). 3) Is there any known bug with FC5 and adaptec 1210sa controller? and any work around with this?


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