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Re: udev hangs in FC5

On 5/29/06, Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au> wrote:
Did you turn off the kudzu service from running in runlevel 3 *AND* 5?

chkconfig kudzu off
It turns off kudzu for each run level.

But if it runs, and you've got it disabled, that sounds like a problem
that will need to get fixed for other people, as well.

I'll try to describe it more precisely. I am sorry for my English.

Before turning off and removing kudzu, laptop hangs some seconds after
udev without any message.

After turning the kudzu off, the laptop hangs just before the login
screen with an error message. I don't remember what this message is
about, but it resembles a python error message. My ability to remember
precise things sucks :-)

If you want I can install it one more time and find out what kind of
error message it was.

After removing kudzu at all the laptop stops hanging.

Kevac Marko

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