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Re: Open a range of ports with iptables

Jonathan Underwood wrote:
FC comes with a tool for configuring the firewall - if you go to the
System menu, Administration, Security Level and Firewall, you'll get a
GUI that allows you to change some of the more rudimentary aspects of
the firewall. You could use this to open up the ports you wish, but,
that would probably mean adding 100 rules (I don't think this GUI
understands port ranges, I could be wrong).

It does. If you go into the "Firewall Options" tab, there's a section at the bottom labeled "Other ports." If you expand this, you can click the "Add" button to its right, and in the entry for port(s) you can specify a range by entering the beginning and ending port numbers separated by a hyphen ("-").

For example, one of the settings on mine (for BitTorrent) is as follows:
Port(s): 6881-6889
Protocol: tcp

Hope that helps.
Peter Gordon (codergeek42)
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