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Re: FC5 Install SCSI adapter not detected

neidorff wrote:
> Hi all,
> (Currently running FC3.)  1.7GHz Athlon, 1Gb RAM, buslogic SCSI controller
> with 2 17Gb scsi drives.  Created and checked CDs.  Started FC5 install,
> but
> SCSI controller is not recognized and module not loaded. (My ide disk is
> recognized, but I want to install on the SCSI disk)  How can I get the FC5
> install started with my SCSI controller recognized.  (If it matters, yes, I
> did a google search and searched the archives here and couldn't find any
> help.)

Which buslogic scsi controller is this?

buslogic was aquired by mylex in 96 which was swallowed by lsi in 99 so
I'm imagining this is a fairly old controller.

The FC5 buslogic driver appears to be the same, since it hasn't had much
reason to change:

BusLogic SCSI Driver Version 2.1.16 of 18 July 2002

> Thanks,
> Mark

Joel Jaeggli (joelja uoregon edu)
GPG Key Fingerprint:
5C6E 0104 BAF0 40B0 5BD3 C38B F000 35AB B67F 56B2

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