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Re: FC Pine passfile default? Maintainer(s)?

> If there at least *IS* a Fedora default passfile for Pine, common to
> maintainers of Pine for Fedora, what is it? Or if there is one maintainer,
> or a chief maintainer, who is it and is there somewhere else I should ask?
> If there are two or three defaults (for UW, livna, and Dag perhaps?), what
> are they?
> Fwiw, I'm sure my own present instance is from livna; but the more
> definitively and completely I can report back to comp.mail.pine, and for
> Nancy's splendid Pine FAQ, the better.

First, I assume your ran, "pine -h | grep -i passfile".  If you did, and
there is a passfile argument, then at least you know that passfile
support was compiled in.

Next, if the maintainer was nice, you should try going into pine's help
section and seeing if the default passfile is documented.

If not, then you should find the pine src file in the given repository
and look in the spec file.  It is probably listed there.


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