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Re: FC5 on AMD Turion 64?

On Monday 29 May 2006 19:41, Vini Engel wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I am researching on 64 bit performance and was wondering if any of you
> run Linux on laptops fitted with AMD Turion 64 and what the results are?
The biggest issues with laptops in my experience are power management and 
wireless support. Graphics, disks and so on have never given me an issue. 

A friend of mine has one - power management in general sucks and enabling 
cool'n'quiet makes the box behave really weird. That means that the battery 
that lasts like 3 hours in windows lasts about 1:15 in linux. 
I have a compaq presario R3000Z mobile athlon64 based laptop that has pretty 
much the same issue. 

Now I'm running a few different Core Duo ones (Dell E1705 and similar). Works 
flawless there. 

> Looking around for options (laptops) I found two good options one is a
> Compaq with Turion CPU and the other is a HP with Intel Centrino Core
> Duo. There is a considerable difference in terms of price but what about
> performance?
Out of all the companies - why the <insert random curse here> would you want a 
HPQ laptop? starting with whitelists in the bios to the horrible bios update 
support, there isn't really a single good thing I can say about HPQ laptops. 
Go to linux-on-laptops.com and check out some random HPQ laptops and see all 
the things that people complain about. The list there also has a few turion64 


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