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Re: FC5 on AMD Turion 64?

The biggest issues with laptops in my experience are power management and wireless support. Graphics, disks and so on have never given me an issue.

I agree on the power management side but not the wireless. Perhaps I would have to work more to get the wireless working but that is not a problem. I have a Sony VAIO and it seems that the power management works as fine on Linux. I will do some testing...

A friend of mine has one - power management in general sucks and enabling cool'n'quiet makes the box behave really weird. That means that the battery that lasts like 3 hours in windows lasts about 1:15 in linux. I have a compaq presario R3000Z mobile athlon64 based laptop that has pretty much the same issue.

Is you Athlon64 faster than a P4 or not really?

Now I'm running a few different Core Duo ones (Dell E1705 and similar). Works flawless there.

How fast is this Duo?

Out of all the companies - why the <insert random curse here> would you want a HPQ laptop? starting with whitelists in the bios to the horrible bios update support, there isn't really a single good thing I can say about HPQ laptops. Go to linux-on-laptops.com and check out some random HPQ laptops and see all the things that people complain about. The list there also has a few turion64 models.

I will check the web site out. The reason which I am looking at HPQ is pricing. They have the screen I want and their price is reasonable good specially on Turion CPUs.


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