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Re: FC5 - audio not working, what to try?

B Wooster wrote:
On FC3, audio was working fine on my system.

On upgrading to FC5, audio is not working.

xine/mplayer provide no sound.
Using the system-config-soundcard utility, I can see it says it found:
Vendor: Silicon
Model: Integrated Systems [SiS] Sound Controller
Module: snd-intel8x.0
But when I click on the play button on that window, I get no sound.
It says look at /root/scsound.log, but not sure what to look it -
nothing jumps out.

Any ideas on what I should try next?

Surprisingly - I also have Leadtex WinFast TV Capture card in my
system, and using "tvtime", I can watch TV - and the audio on that

From this, I'm guessing the channels you use for normal sound are muted. My (also Leadtek Winfast) tv tuner uses the Aux channel on my sound card, which is controlled separately from Wave/PCM sound. Double-click the volume icon in the panel, if you're in GNOME, or run gnome-volume-control, same thing.


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