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Re: Linux equivalent to IBM Access Connections for Windows?


Em Segunda 29 Maio 2006 08:31, Irvine Short escreveu:
> Hey All
> I have a laptop running FC5 just fine.
> I was wondering if there is a Linux equivalent to IBM's Access
> Connections?
> It allows you to define several profiles which control which http proxy,
> smtp server, wireless network, etc etc you use depending on where you
> are.

For the network configuration (IP, mask, gateway, DNS and wireless 
configuration) you can use netgo (from extras) or the Network utility which 
comes with FC. For proxies and SMTP servers, I don't know any program that 
will do it for you. These are not system wide settings, proxies and SMTP 
servers are application specific settings. Of course, KDE applications should 
use the global KDE settings and I think the same applies for Gnome 
applications but, in general, it would be difficult for an application to set 
up proxies and SMTP servers for every possible other application that may 
need them.


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