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Re: FC5 on AMD Turion 64?

Vini Engel wrote:

I am researching on 64 bit performance and was wondering if any of you
run Linux on laptops fitted with AMD Turion 64 and what the results are?

I got an Acer Ferrari 4005 WMLi months ago, and I can honestly say it's the *best* PC I've ever had ... in fact it absolutely *screams*.

It rips my P4 Prescott system to utter shreds, even though the Turion CPU is rated at 2GHz and the P4 is rated at 3.6GHz????

Example: Video colour standards and framerate conversion from 29fps NTSC MPEG2 with ac3 to 25fps PAL MPEG2 video, using *insane* settings (ultra HQ, 2 pass, 10 bit precision, etc.) of a typical 1H 40m movie, takes the P4 17 hours!!! but only takes the Turion *10 hours*.

That's an impressive difference.

Running FC5 on the Ferrari, and loving it.

Haven't really looked at power management stuff, since I always just shut down when not using the laptop, but everything else works - including h/w accelerated OGL graphics (ATI X700), audio, Wi-Fi (madwifi), etc.

Only caveat with 64bit OSen is no current support (for either Windows 64 or Linux 64) from Macromedia (flashplayer) nor Sun (Java ns-plugin).

They will eventually - they'll have to, the way things are going.


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