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Re: Madwifi not working with latest kernel upgrade, broken dependency.

Gerry Tool wrote:
Yesterday I did a yum update on my laptop.  A new kernel, 2122, and many
other packages installed, but madwifi from livna would not install due
to a dependency on madwifi-kmod-common.  The new kernel and the
installed madwifi do not work together.  I can get madwifi to work if I
boot to the previous kernel 2096.

The missing dependency for madwifi and kmod-madwifi is
madwifi-kmod-common = is not available.

Anyone know how to fix this?  Thanks.


I would suspect this is because madwifi-kmod-common currently does not exist in livna. Probably a mistake by livna, either adding this dependency or forgetting to upload madwifi-kmod-common with the update. The old kernel's kmod-madwifi is designed for the old kernel, and won't work with any other kernel. So you need the new one for a new kernel; the same madwifi should work for both (as long as both kmod-madwifis will work with the same version). Yum does not currently handle these kmods correctly (e.g. it updates it so that the one for the old kernel isn't there anymore, when it should be retained); you can try yum-fedorakmod in Extras, the attempt at correcting this.

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