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Re: FC5 on AMD Turion 64?

Vini Engel wrote:
Keith G. Robertson-Turner said the following on 30/05/06 22:27:
Vini Engel wrote:

I am researching on 64 bit performance and was wondering if any of you
run Linux on laptops fitted with AMD Turion 64 and what the results are?
I got an Acer Ferrari 4005 WMLi months ago, and I can honestly say it's
the *best* PC I've ever had ... in fact it absolutely *screams*.

It rips my P4 Prescott system to utter shreds, even though the Turion
CPU is rated at 2GHz and the P4 is rated at 3.6GHz????

Do you think it will be even faster than a Core Due 2GHz?

P4 Prescotts/Celerons and Athlon/Turions cannot be compared by clock speed, as you have noticed. AMDs clocking around 2GHz have easily beat out P4s clocking at up to 3.4 or 3.6 GHz. This is because of how the chips are designed. I believe the new lower-clocked Core Duos and such will be more comparable to AMD performance/clock ratios, as the Pentium M is. I will always get AMDs when i have the choice though, because I'm a gamer, and the integrated memory controller really is the shining jewel in that respect; my desktop (A64) gets better speeds with its DDR400 memory than my laptop (Pent M) with its DDR2-667.
Running FC5 on the Ferrari, and loving it.

How much did you pay for it?

Haven't really looked at power management stuff, since I always just
shut down when not using the laptop, but everything else works -
including h/w accelerated OGL graphics (ATI X700), audio, Wi-Fi
(madwifi), etc.

Only caveat with 64bit OSen is no current support (for either Windows 64
or Linux 64) from Macromedia (flashplayer) nor Sun (Java ns-plugin).

That means you can use any of these things for the time being, right?


You can use various workarounds, such as "nspluginwrapper", or installing a 32-bit browser to put 32-bit plugins on.

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