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Re: FC5 on AMD Turion 64?

On Tue, 2006-05-30 at 16:33 +0100, Keith G. Robertson-Turner wrote:
> Looks like we just need to RTFM on this one.
> I'm doing a kernel rebuild now, and looking through the config options, 
> I see:
> "Software Suspend (SOFTWARE_SUSPEND)
> Enable the possibility of suspending the machine.
> It doesn't need APM.
> You may suspend your machine by 'swsusp' or 'shutdown -z <time>'
> (patch for sysvinit needed).

Would be nice if they mentioned which patch or where it can be found :)

> It creates an image which is saved in your active swap. Upon next
> boot, pass the 'resume=/dev/swappartition' argument to the kernel to
> have it detect the saved image, restore memory state from it, and
> continue to run as before. If you do not want the previous state to
> be reloaded, then use the 'noresume' kernel argument. However, note
> that your partitions will be fsck'd and you must re-mkswap your swap
> partitions. It does not work with swap files.
> Right now you may boot without resuming and then later resume but
> in meantime you cannot use those swap partitions/files which were
> involved in suspending. Also in this case there is a risk that buffers
> on disk won't match with saved ones.

That almost sounds like suspend2 which are patches maintained outside of
the vanilla kernel. Seems I got things mixed up and have some more
reading to do.

> For more information take a look at <file:Documentation/power/swsusp.txt>."

Will do.

> I'll play with passing kernel parameters and see how it turns out.
> One thing that confuses me is; do I need a dedicated partition for the 
> suspend file, or am I supposed to use *the* main swap partition ... or 
> can I just use my "/" partition? It doesn't seem clear where it is 
> saving this stuff by default, how to reconfigure it, or what kind of 
> filesystem supports it.

Afaik it uses your main swap partition. During boot you can see a
message fly by saying something like "no suspend signature found in
swap". I just heard from a fellow Ferraristi that suspend works on the
4005 when running the 2080 FC5 kernel. Newer kernels messed something up
it seems.


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