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Re: Samba install problem

Freedom Web Services wrote:
Although dhcp is allocating ip addresses ok I can not access the
server using its name 'linux'.  I assume this is due to samba not

A more general network problem may well be the first cause of your

I need to install samba as the system says it is not installed when
I use 'rpm -q smb', so I downloaded 'samba-common-'.
When I go to install it with 'rpm -ivh samba-common-
I get loads of confiction errors.

It's much preferable to use yum these days.  There's no need to
download the rpm or deal with dependencies manually.

I have also tried to use the 'Add / Remove software' and 'Software
Updater' from the 'Applications' menu and get an 'Unable to retrive
software infomation' error.  When I try to use yum with the command
'yum install samba-common-' I get an 'Error: Cannot
find a baseurl for repo: core'.

This looks like you have a more general networking problem on the
system.  Have you tried to run 'yum update' yet?  I'm guessing you'll
get a similar error about the core repo.  If so, you should check
first that your network is working correctly.  If it is, then you'll
need to look into the reason yum is not working.

Once yum is working you should be able to run 'yum install samba' (or
Add / Remove Software) to get it installed.

My Linux machine is not yet connected to the internet!

I have a BT Voyager 100 ADSL USB modem and connect through AOL on my windoze box. I have installed the drivers for this modem, eciadsl, and configured it for my modem and AOL but I can not get it to work. I have looked on the net and found that I need a module called n_hdlc in order to get this to work, the standard FC5 does not have this module. I understand that I need to recompile my kernel to add it. I have downloaded the 'kernel-' file and installed it. As far as I am aware this should have created the relevant directories/files in '/usr/src' directory but they are not there.
So how do I go about recompiling the kernel to add the module n_hdlc?
Hopefully when I can get the internet working I will be able to run 'yum update' and be able to install samba through yum.

Many thanks,
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