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Re: kbuildsycoa crashing FC5

Just out of curiosity... do the people who have this problem have
crossover office installed? Just to see what the difference might be I

$ diff -r  menus etc_xdg_menus/
Only in etc_xdg_menus/applications-merged: cxlegacy.menu
Only in menus: gnome-screensavers.menu
Only in etc_xdg_menus/kde-applications-merged: cxlegacy.menu
Only in menus/preferences-post-merged:

  "menus" is from the clean FC5 install
  "etc_xdg_menus" is a backup of the problem dir

It looks like the only differences appear to be in the inclusion of:


I would not expect the gnome stuff to be a problem as it is probably on
everybody's machine and more people would be complaining. But the cx
stuff may be unique...

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