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Re: Screen Savers?

Troy Bull wrote:

I have just upgraded to Fedora Core 5 and I notice I hardly have any screen savers. There used to be many screen savers and I just set it to random, it was quite nice. Does anyone know off the top of your head how I can get them all back?


yum -y install xscreensaver-gl-extras xscreensaver-extras
That is if you do not mind the lack of configuring the screensavers with gnome-screensaver. Otherwise you can more precisely control the screensavers with xscreensaver-base.

yum -y install xscreensaver-base
if you want the more precise control of which screensavers you want to cycle.

You should now have two screensaver entries in the menu. You would want the one with the flame with the background of a monitor screen.

yum erase gnome-screensaver
afterwards if you like xscreensaver-base better and do not plan on you or any other user of the computer wanting the gnome-screensaver interface to manage the screensavers.

Personally, I like xscreensaver-base and its configuration interface better. Lately though, I use the blank screen mostly, so it does not matter much for the laptop.


I don't know if it's what you want, but it's what you get.  :-)
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