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Re: compiling software for diff. Releases/Linuxs

Paul Howarth schrieb:
On Tue, 2006-05-30 at 08:53 +0200, Götz Reinicke wrote:

for now all software I neede was availabel as rpm for my systems using the features I wanted. But now I have to install some packages with modified compile options and some packages aren't availabel as rpms for my OS release.

I don't want to install all compiler-stuff on all systems so I'd like to have one development station.

My question now: Can I compile the software (and build an rpm) on this system and copy this installer to the others? Of cours I have to look for dependencies like libraries etc.

E.g. the development station is FC5 and the other Systems are RHEL3&4 and FC 2&3.

Or do I have to compile the software on the same OS releas I'd like to install it later?

Thank you for any explanations!

In order to get the correct dependencies, you really need to build the
packages in en environment like that of the target system (same library
versions etc.). However, you can do all this by building the packages in
a chroot environment, where that environment has been set up using
packages from the target distribution.

It's not as hard as it may sound. There is a program called "mock" in
Extras that will do this for you. Every time you build a package using
mock, you tell it what the target is and it sets up the chroot, installs
any buildrequires packages into the chroot and then builds the package.
The Fedora Extras buildsystem uses this tool to build packages for FC3,
FC4, FC5, and rawhide, all from a box running CentOS. Fedora Core will
be moving to this sort of buildsystem for FC6 as well.

More details:

Thank you, that sounds good :-) I'll look into it.


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