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Re: fc5 hangs

Two days in a row my fc5 computer has frozen soon after I start using it in the morning.

However, I have more information about the problem. I think I misdiagnosed the problem... it appears that the mouse/keyboard are not completely unresponsive... they're are just responding extremely slowly. I ssh'd into my work computer (the one that is "hanging" every day) from home last night. This morning before I came to work, I tried to do a little work from my ssh session. And it was messed up too! Things were running very slowly.


My fc5 system hasn't "hung" in 5 days, so I'm hoping that something
that I've tried has fixed it.

Arg!  It's still messed up.  Same weird symptoms.  Very slow to log in

I recovered from this state without rebooting this time.  I
started killing processes and stopping services and finally
I did a telinit 3.   After all that, the system was responsive
again.  I killed all of the processes owned by me (so I could
stop autofs which automounts my home directory), then I
stopped autofs, ypbind, smartd, haldaemon, ???, and then
/sbin/telinit 3.  I'm not sure exactly when the system became
happy again, but I think it was after telinit.  I'll try doing only
that next time it happens and post the results.


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