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Re: Cut, Copy, Paste Nightmare

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jdow wrote:
> Cut and paste in Linux is the single most frequent cause for me
> lapsing into extremely unladylike language.

In some circles unladylike language is considered a plus. :)

> I've had to replace dozens of melted keyboards. And the melt ripples
> on the face of my monitor are annoying.  It may be time to get a
> replacement. Cut and Paste in Linux stinks on hydrogen ice.

Oddly enough, I've always found it to be a plus and when I get on a
windows box it drives me nuts that I have to actually do something
other than select the text to get it to the clipboard.  I use X's
highlight select for text all the time.

So it all depends on your usage patterns really.  I avoid office apps
like the plague on the theory that if I am using them, I'm doing
office work.  I'd much rather do the sysadmin voodoo so that other
people have systems they can do actual work on.  ;-)

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