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Re: FC Pine passfile default? Maintainer(s)?

Beartooth wrote:
> On Tue, 30 May 2006 05:17:19 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
>> First, I assume your ran, "pine -h | grep -i passfile".  
> Nope, sorry. That's beyond me, and no one on c.m.p suggested it. I suspect
> you're overestimating me vastly.

Sorry...  Generally people get very upset when you underestimate them.

>> If you did, and  there is a passfile argument, then at least you know
>> that passfile support was compiled in.
> I just did it and got : 
> [btth localhost ~]$ pine -h | grep -i passfile
>  -passfile <fully_qualified_filename>   Set the password file to something other
>  -nowrite_passfile      Read from a passfile if there is one, but never offer to write a password to the passfile
> [btth localhost ~]$
> That's also beyond me -- especially inasmuch as there is no "than"
> correlated with the "other" -- nor do I get the point of the "never"

FWIW, the "-h" parameter generally means "help".  Should you want to
read the entire help just type "pine -h".

>> Next, if the maintainer was nice, you should try going into pine's help
>> section and seeing if the default passfile is documented.

The maintainer of livna was even nicer and has already replied to you.

> The only helps I know for pine are either vast beyond imagining, or else
> tied to specific items in M > S > C ; so I don't know where nor how you
> mean me to look.
>> If not, then you should find the pine src file in the given repository
>> and look in the spec file.  It is probably listed there.
> What's an src file? I don't hope ever to be competent with source code, if
> it has something to do with that -- nor does pine, afaik, require me to be.

To use pine, no.  To learn its hidden secrets, maybe yes.

FWIW, when you ask questions for which there is no ready answer it may
require one of two things.  Either someone would have to know the answer
and tell you...or someone would have to dig for the answer.  That
"someone" could be you....or it could be someone kind person willing to
do the digging for you.

FYI, the answer was in the pine.spec file.  While you are probably not
interested in learning the gory details...never mind.

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