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Re: After Update My FC5 get BLANK SCREEN.

Ivan Evstegneev wrote:
Hello Jim,

the problem is that I have no old kernel line in my GRUB loader only
the new one is appeared...

The availability of only one kernel will limit you trying another kernel.

Have you pressed a key to see the menu, highlight your kernel, press the a key to get into append mode? When you are in append mode, backspace out the rhgb and quiet entries and then press the enter key after removing the lines from the grub boot line. I previously said the a key and noted my mistake after sending the email. Anyway, if rhgb is causing the problem, you will be able to boot. You may blank out at the GUI loading or you might see some message while booting about what is happening. If you fail once you hit the GUI still, you could boot into runlevel 3 by repeating the steps mentioned above by adding a space followed by the number 3 on the boot line. Once in runlevel 3, you could log onto the terminal as root and run
system-config-display --reconfig
to see if you can reconfigure X with the program.
If that fails, you might try running
yum -y update
while you are in runlevel 3 in order to pull in later updates which could fix your problem. Then reboot your computer to see if X startx. There has to be at least another kernel newer thsn the one that you have installed. After a successful update, you should have two kernels showing in grub.

If you can't get this far, a reinstall is probably the easiest. The next time that you run yum to update your computer, do it from a root terminal so X does not restart on you and kill yum and all other programs running off of the GUI layer. (I was hit once by X respawning when yum was running in a gnome-terminal)


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