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Re: smart package mgr question?

Ralf Corsepius wrote:

True, but ... the classical situation when apt/smart try to downgrade is
resolving broken package deps inside of an installed system.
apt and smart diagnose them and try to resolve them (by downgrading),
yum doesn't diagnose these problems and lets users believe "everything
is OK", while it actually isn't.

I.e. the fact yum doesn't complain, doesn't mean it is right.

I have run into problems where apt tries to fix the repository issues and fails and doesnt let me perform other operations like updating a package which is completely unrelated to repo breakages.

I rather run a separate program or enable a different switch to debug and fix unrelated repository issues for this reason. Yum would however complain if you have a unresolved dependency in the package you are trying to install which serves my purpose. I dont need it to perform a general repository health check everytime I try to do something with in any package in the repository. That sort of thing can be a plugin IMO.


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