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Re: email being rejected by...

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Ric Moore wrote:

> What's this? I got a stack of these in my inbox. 
> The original message was received at 2006-10-01 00:04:54 +0100
> from postoffice.local []
>         I didn't send anything to gfrith gmail com the email message
>         attachment shows I mailed to fedora-list redhat com only. 
>         WTF? Anyone have a clue?? Ric

I have seen them here as well.  One ended up in my inbox, I read it and
then told Thunderbird that it was junk.  I haven't seen any more...

I have no idea what it is about or what caused it. AFAIK I didn't send
any mail to that address. Perhaps it is a spoofed address or something
along those lines.

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