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Why not just mount the audio CD [was: Re: Suggestions for cd ripper...mp3 or wav?]

On 2006-09-27 17:45:25, Robin Laing <Robin Laing drdc-rddc gc ca>

R. G. Newbury wrote:
I'm looking for suggestions for software to rip CD's..
I'm also looking for comments on the relative advantages of ripping
to mp3 versus wav files and the 'best' software to play those
files back from the harddrive.
I am presently using aplay in a for loop script but I need something
better. My present wav files were ripped with cdda2wav under
OS/2. what is the equivalent for linux/Fedora?
Suggestions please.

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If you have the disk space, use wav as it provides a true copy of the
original.  Next use flac as it is a lossless format and
provides a decent way to backup your music without losing any quality.
You can rebuild your CD's from the flac files.  Mp3's are a
lossy format.  Ogg is a lossy format.

I use Grip to rip to flac.

Sorry to bring this up a tad late (away and didn't get back until yesterday), but the ripping to get the ".wav" files always puzzles me, especially when someone only wants to "rip" TO a ".wav" file.

Why not just use the cdfs software -- available at
-- and just mount the audio cd?

I've been using cdfs (download the software, make sure you have the kernel source installed, make, make install, then mount -t cdfs /dev/cdrom /mnt/<whatever>) since at least early 2002 without any problems. I'm on FC5 now and I merely do a rebuild and reinstall the cdfs.ko, insmod it, then do a depmod -a.

It works, and I have had no problems with it for years.

About FLAC ...

My only problem with the above poster's suggestion is that while flac is lossless, the files are typically significantly larger (4-6x as larger) than the associated '.mp3' files. If space is an issue, then lossless flac may not do the trick. :-( (Sometimes, I use flac, too, BTW...)

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