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Re: Fetchmail Nolonger Fetches Mail from Google

On 9/30/06, Bob Chiodini <rchiodin bellsouth net> wrote:
Sorry about the possibly off-topic post:

As of Thu 28 Sep 2006 11:47:56 PM EDT, I can no longer fetch mail from
pop.gmail.com.  Fetchmail produces the following:

fetchmail: Unknown login or authentication error on bchiodini gmail com@pop.gmail.com
fetchmail: socket error while fetching from bchiodini gmail com@pop.gmail.com

I had a similar problem some time ago.  fetchmail just stopped with
gmail.  It turns out I had made two failed attempts to log in via pop
(possibly network issue?) after which gmail will refuse all pop logins
for the account untill some thing has been reset...

Sorry, but I can't recall the web page at gmail that you need to go to
for the reset, but I did find it using (you guessed it) google


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