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bad memory or PEBKAC?

I just purchased a, to me, generic mp3 player.  I copied some songs over
to it with "drag and drop" from gnome, unmounted and all was good, it
played fine.  Then I reconnected to the computer, dragged all the songs on
the mp3 player to the trash icon on the desktop (GNOME under fedora, FC5).
I emptied the trash, and refilled the mp3 player with new songs,
unmounting, of course.

not once, not twice, but many of the new songs cut out, and songs which
should be deleted from the mp3 cut in.  It's not a problem with the files
as they play fine from the computer.

Is there some sort of test which I can run on the memory?  Can I reformat
it as fat32, or will that wipe something out?  I'm not convinced it's a
bad memory chip, yet.

If it's a bad memory chip, no big deal.  The only reason I bought it was
because it was mismarked, $55, so I got a good deal, and sprung for the
$10 insurance at future shop.  I can just bring it back for a "free"
replacement.  I usually stay away from the insurance, but now I'm glad
that I have it.  Actually, on careful read, they just give store credit,
which isn't so great...

It may be, painful as it is to admit, that PEBKAC.

Product Name:
MPIO 2GB MP3 Player (555 Audio)
To view this product, go to:

Curiously, it's only $10 more than the 1GB model.


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