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VNC problem - now more understood - but a solution?

Some time ago I noticed (in fact pre-FC4 !) that when I used VNC to
connect via an ssh tunnel into a remote computer that sometimes the
screen on my local machine was constantly repainting, and the
screensaver from the remote machine was loading up almost before I
could enter any mouse movements.

This has continued to happen but not every time, and since this was an
intermittent behaviour, I was puzzled by this mis-behaviour until now.

A short time ago I was testing vnc from this computer to one on the
other side of this same room, and noticed that this constant screen
re-painting was happening.... but then I also noticed that the other
computer was in fact in monitor power saving mode - and its screen was

So I walked across and waggled the mouse on the remote computer so
that its screen came alive - and lo and behold vnc started working
normally again!! The screen was not repainting and just as if the
remote machine was on my local desktop - exactly as vnc should behave.

So now I know !   VNC works fine when both computers have their
monitor in normal mode.... but once the remote monitor goes into
powersave then VNC misbehaves!

So the questions are:

1) Can I do something to wake up the power on the remote monitor once
I have ssh'ed in?
2) If not then can I still run VNC to look at the remote screen but
not have the constant irritation of the local screen display
attempting to put the screensaver back?

By the way both machines are running fully up to date FC5 with KDE desktop.

I hope someone knows the answer(s)?



mike cohler

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