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Re: bad memory or PEBKAC?

On Mon, 02 Oct 2006 18:26:03 -0400, Tony Nelson wrote:

> At 8:56 PM +0100 10/2/06, Thufir wrote:
>>I just purchased a, to me, generic mp3 player.  I copied some songs over
>>to it with "drag and drop" from gnome, unmounted and all was good, it
>>played fine.  Then I reconnected to the computer, dragged all the songs on
>>the mp3 player to the trash icon on the desktop (GNOME under fedora, FC5).
>>I emptied the trash, and refilled the mp3 player with new songs,
>>unmounting, of course.
>  ...
> You probably didn't wait for the operations to finish, so you'll need to
> reformat and start over.  Writing Flash can be slow.  This has been covered
> recently.

I've been googling, err, "gmane searching", the list for "format" and
"reformat" with FAT, or even "LBA FAT".  However, this will erase the
existing OS on the device, such that I'd have to boot windows and unpdate
the, presumably, flash PROM, or, whatever the technique is, to re-install
the OS for the device.  Also, I'm including "player" and "mp3" as possible
search terms.


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