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Re: remove "shutdown" option from gnome system (not gdm!) menu?

On Tue, Oct 03, 2006 at 09:42:55AM -0500, Chris Mohler wrote:

>>  When I log into my FC5 box from a thin client, the system menu does
>>  not have the "shutdown" item.  Everything else is there.

Yeah, I noticed that too.  (Well, I think so.  I'm not quite sure what
you mean by "thin client", but I've noticed that I get this behavior
when I log in remotely in full-screen mode -- "X :1 -query ....")

>>  That's not really a solution - just a possible clue.  IIRC, that
>>  applies to KDE as well, but I've only double-checked it in Gnome.
>>  Maybe there's a way to tell the X server/window manager that the local
>>  screen is "remote"?

Huh.  Maybe.  I wonder whether that would have other consequences,
though, that wouldn't be so good.  

As I said in a reply to the other response so far, this is kind of
frustrating for me, because it seems to be very difficult to find out
where GNOME keeps this configuration information.  Many things seem
to be accessible via gconftool-2, but not this, as far as I can tell.
(And a command-line tool, or at least some knowledge of what files are
being changed, is highly desirable, since this change needs to be made
on 20+ machines.)

-- blm

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