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Re: VNC problem - now more understood - but a solution?

"Mike Cohler" <mike cohler gmail com> wrote:

So the questions are:

1) Can I do something to wake up the power on the remote monitor once
I have ssh'ed in?
2) If not then can I still run VNC to look at the remote screen but
not have the constant irritation of the local screen display
attempting to put the screensaver back?

By the way both machines are running fully up to date FC5 with KDE desktop.

I hope someone knows the answer(s)?

Not to be funny and definitely not to start any kind of a gnome vs. KDE flame war but I don't see VNC behaving like this with gnome. This includes even having the "screensaver" kick-in after the set inactivity period on the VNC desktop. I think both systems were running CentOS 4 (gnome, x.org) at the time. Just pointing out that this behavior *may* be peculiar to VNC interacting with KDE.


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