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Re: How to create a DVD image with very large files?

On Tue, 2006-10-03 at 16:25 -0400, Patrick Doyle wrote:
> I have a 6.5 Gbyte tarball that I want to archive on a dual layer DVD.
>  Unfortunately, I don't have a dual-layer writer on my PC, however, I
> do have access to another (Windows) PC that _does_ have a dual-layer
> writer.
> So, I would like to create the .iso on my Linux PC and transfer it to
> the other PC.  Since I use Gnome as my desktop, I figured I would use
> GnomeBaker to create the .iso.  Unfortunately, when I do so, I get an
> error message that reads:
> mkisofs: Value too large for defined data type.  File
> /blah/blah/blah.tar.bz2 is too large - ignoring
> For some reason, this makes me think that mkisofs isn't happy with my
> 6.5 Gbyte tarball.  I could try k3b (I wonder how that plays in a
> Gnome session), but I anticipate the same results.
I have not tried creating a 6.5+gb file and putting the single file on a
DVD.  Is there a reason it needs to be that large a single file?  IIRC a
32bit kernel can only handle a single file of 2gb (or at least that was
a limitation until recently).

K3b has done everything I have asked it to do flawlessly (in gnome), but
I have not tried a dual layer DVD yet.

> Does anybody have any better ideas?
> My final fallback will be to transfer the 6.5 Gbyte file to the
> Windows PC and burn it directly to the DVD there, but I thought I
> would try creating the .iso here first.
I don't think that will work on Windows with a single file that size
unless you are running a 64bit OS.

> --wpd

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